🗒️Placing bets

Before placing a bet, ensure your wallet is connected. The bet slip will prompt you to do this if you haven't already. A successfully connected wallet will show your wallet public address and your USDC balance.

Click the outcome (and back or lay side if applicable) that you want to bet on. The bet slip will be populated with the odds that you clicked. Enter your stake then edit the odds if you want to. Remember these are minimum acceptable odds, so if you enter odds lower than or equal to what is available for your stake, you will be automatically matched at the best odds. If you enter odds that are higher than what is available, you will be placing a maker order and will need to wait on a counterparty before your bet is matched. Ensure your stake AND potential profit are more than 1 USDC.

Click place bet and your blockchain wallet will pop up, prompting you to sign a transaction. Confirm the transaction and your order will be placed on the blockchain. Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, you will get the transaction hash.

Some orders will match with a counterparty instantly (if they are taker orders against user-provided liquidity), while others can take up to 10 seconds to be matched (if they are orders against aggregated liquidity). Orders which are maker orders can be unmatched until a counterparty is found or the event begins.

Users can manually cancel unmatched maker orders anytime before a counter party is found, and any orders against aggregated liquidity which had an error and could not be placed at the originating protocol. This is done by clicking the X then confirming another on-chain transaction. Once the cancelation is successful, the funds are returned to user wallets.

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