♻️Refresh Orderbooks

Refresh orderbooks of a market.

This endpoint allows the current odds/liquidity from all aggregated venues to be updated internally and/or returned. This is a slow process and should only be used sparingly. Internal updates should be used if there appears to be an issue with bet placing. Returning the current orderbook can be used for checking the remaining liquidity if you have placed some bets. This should NOT be used as a substitute for the standard API calls with event/market filtering. There are 4 inputs:

  • id1 and id2: the integers which make up the market you wish to refresh.

  • updateInternal: bool, set to true if you want to update to be pushed to our internal system (for example, if there are stale odds which are causing bet placement issues). This is false by default.

  • returnNew: bool, set to true if you want the most up to date orderbook returned as the response to this API call (for example, if you want to see how much liquidity remains at certain odds. This is set to false by default.

When returnNew is set to true, the response is very similar to a market object from the standard API.

Example response
  "event": "Minnesota Twins vs. Houston Astros",
  "startDate": 1697065620,
  "league": "MLB",
  "sport": "baseball",
  "lastUpdated": 1697060126834,
  "homeTeam": "Minnesota Twins",
  "awayTeam": "Houston Astros",
  "market": "over_under",
  "ling": 8.5,
  "over": {
    "highestOdds": 2.02,
    "stakeAtHighestOdds": 2000,
    "secondHighestOdds": 2,
    "stakeAt2ndHighestOdds": 965.91,
    "thirdHighestOdds": 1.95,
    "stakeAt3rdHighestOdds": 449.91
  "under": {
    "highestOdds": 1.87,
    "stakeAtHighestOdds": 2000,
    "secondHighestOdds": 1.85,
    "stakeAt2ndHighestOdds": 965.91,
    "thirdHighestOdds": 1.81,
    "stakeAt3rdHighestOdds": 664.11

Example URL: https://api.purebet.io/refresh/refresh?id1=90&id2=253&updateInternal=false&returnNew=true

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