💳...if you only have money through your bank card

Your first option is to sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, or any other local exchanges in your country. You will likely be able to deposit funds to the exchange via your card or bank. From there you can buy USDC and go through the following the instructions for if you have money on a cryptocurrency exchange. Some smaller local exchanges may not support Solana so you will need to withdraw to a different blockchain and follow the instructions if you have funds on another blockchain.

A faster option is to use the payment options available within Phantom wallet. These are 3rd party services which process a transaction from your bank card and send you the cryptocurrency to your blockchain wallet. Once it is in your wallet, only you can control what happens to it. The fees for this method are potentially higher than other methods, however it may be be cheaper than using small local exchanges which can have high fees. If you purchase USDC through this method, you will also need SOL in your wallet to complete on-chain transactions. Post in the discord server and we will give you a small amount so you can place some bets and swap some USDC to SOL. $1 of SOL is enough to do hundreds of transactions.

You cannot move funds from your wallet to your bank account using this method. Once you have funded your wallet with this method, you should sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange like mentioned above or look into other off-ramp options available in your country.

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