🤑Phase 1 Completion Celebration Promotion 07/04/23

Terms of the promotion for on-chain sports betting protocol users announced on 07/04/23

This offer allows users who have previously used the any eligible on-chain sports betting protocol to claim a refund of up to 10 USDC on their first bet at Purebet if it loses.

  1. This offer is limited in duration and scope and is only valid on bets placed at Purebet between the commencement and ending announcement (via our Twitter account and Discord server).

  2. Only bets which matched with the Purebet liquidity aggregation wallet are valid - bets which match with other user wallets are not eligible to be refunded.

  3. The maximum refund amount is the full stake placed by the user, up to 10 USDC per user. - If your bet of 5 USDC loses, you get 5 USDC refunded. - If your bet of 10 USDC loses, you get 10 USDC refunded. - If your bet of 200 USDC loses, you get 10 USDC refunded. - If your bet of 10 USDC wins, you are not eligible for a refund.

  4. This offer is valid for only the first bet placed at Purebet by the wallet address.

  5. The wallet address must have at least 1 transaction betting on eligible sport betting protocols made before the commencement date of this offer to be eligible for a refund.

  6. Only losing bets are eligible for a refund.

  7. Only 1 wallet address per user can claim this offer.

  8. Only 1 claim per Discord account can be made on this offer. Discord accounts created after the commencement date of this offer are NOT eligible to claim this offer in order to prevent multiple claims.

  9. Only bets at eligible protocols with a value of $10 or greater count for this offer (with the exception of eligible devnet deployments)

  10. We reserve the right not to refund anyone suspected of making multiple claims. Our decision is final.

To claim the refund, the user must open a support ticket in our Discord server provide the transaction hash of their first bet on Purebet along with a transaction hash of a bet at an eligible on-chain sports betting venue. If the venue is on Solana it must be the same wallet address that was used to bet at Purebet. If the protocol is on a non-Solana blockchain, the user may be asked to make a transaction sending funds to themselves to prove they own the private key to the address which made the bet. The refund will only be sent to the wallet address that placed the bet.

The exhaustive list of eligible protocols are:

  • BetDEX (Solana mainnet or devnet beta)

  • Aver Exchange (Solana)

  • Azuro protocol via bookmaker.xyz or Magmagg.bet frontends on Gnosis or Polygon blockchains

  • Overtime Markets on Optimism or Arbitrum blockchains

  • SX bet on Polygon or SX Network blockchains

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