BetDEX is a sports betting exchange built on Solana on top of the Monaco protocol. BetDEX is a UI for Monaco and requires KYC for users to sign up.

Purebet bets directly against the Monaco on-chain program so there is no need for KYC.

Any orders placed at BetDEX show up on Monaco. We take all the unmatched orders from Monaco orderbooks and show it in our orderbook. If you place a bet at Purebet which corresponds to Monaco liquidity, we match with that liquidity and your order. Once the event settles on Purebet, any winning bets are paid out automatically to Purebet users and we reconcile our bet with Monaco.

Read more in our article about BetDEX and Monaco: https://purebet.medium.com/what-is-betdex-what-are-the-advantages-of-betdex-how-to-bet-on-betdex-how-to-profit-on-betdex-b638b5a4dfce

BetDEX was the first aggregated protocol on Purebet.

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