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Get pending orders

Returns the pending orders of a given bettor's address


There is only 1 parameter for this call, bettorAddr. This is the address as a base58 encoded string that you wish to see the running bets of.
Example call:
Example response
"status": 200,
"body": [
"acc": "123utJ84x1ACJzV7RR8kKNYPg3djfq6HW2SBt8dsNsAn",
"placedAt": 1680636461,
"potentialReturn": 9,
"team": "Sam Hughes",
"stake": 3,
"matched": true,
"odds": 3,
"isLay": false,
"event": "Sam Hughes vs. Jaqueline Amorim"


  • status: 200, indicates that the call was successful
  • body: a list of objects that contain information about bets the wallet address placed

Body object attributes

  • acc: string, the address on the Solana blockchain where information about the bet is stored. This is needed for cancelling a bet if you are the bet placer.
  • placedAt: number, time in seconds since January 1st 1970 UTC (unix format), when the bet was placed
  • potentialReturn: number, the potential return of this bet if it wins
  • team: string, the outcome that has to happen for the bet to win
  • stake: number, the amount risked by the bettor
  • matched: boolean, true if the bet is matched, false if the bet is unmatched
  • odds: number, the decimal odds of the bet. For lay bets, odds are in backer's odds format.
  • isLay: boolean, whether or not this bet is a lay bet
  • event: string, the event of this bet