Azuro is a sports betting protocol on the Gnosis, Polygon, and Arbitrum blockchains. It uses a unique liquidity tree system to disperse a central liquidity pool between all markets.

Azuro is an AMM so all bets (within safe limits) are instantly accepted and the Azuro liquidity pool is the automatic counterparty. Their liquidity/odds are a curve, where a higher stake leads to lower odds. We calculate this curve in full and fit it to an orderbook. Azuro "fees" are built into the overround in the odds.

When you place a bet on Purebet corresponding with Azuro liquidity, we place the same bet with Azuro on the blockchain with the best odds. If you win, your bet is instantly paid out on Solana as soon as the event is settled, while we claim the winnings from Azuro to settle the balance. Azuro was aggregated on Purebet as part of our major Phase 1 completion upgrade.

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