⛓️...if you have funds on another blockchain

The first option is to send your coins or tokens to a centralised exchange, by following the instructions for if you have money on a cryptocurrency exchange.

The second option is using the Wormhole Portal bridge. (Be careful when searching for this, there are many scam links on google.) Here is the real link: https://www.portalbridge.com/#/transfer

You initiate the transfer of the tokens from your starting wallet, across the bridge, to your destination Solana wallet. The funds on your starting blockchain should be in the form of a compatible token, such as the native USDC token on that chain. The Portal bridge UI should make it clear what is possible to be bridged but it is encouraged to use popular tokens, like USDC, to ensure there is liquidity.

Once the bridge transaction is complete, your wallet will have a wrapped token, not Solana native USDC. To obtain native USDC, swap the wrapped token for USDC using jup.ag. The jup.ag UI should show the wrapped token, with a name in the form "USDCxx" where xx indicates the source chain. Bridging other tokens like USDT is also possible using the same process and can be swapped on Solana using jup.ag since USDC is required for Purebet.

Here is a list of the common source chains and the corresponding wrapped bridge token and the jup.ag market to swap them for native USDC

Source chainToken name on Solanajup.ag market

Ethereum (ETH)


Binance Smart Chain (BNB)


Avalanche C-chain (AVAX)


Polygon POS (MATIC)


Ethereum (ETH)


Binance Smart Chain (BNB)


Avalance C-chain (AVAX)


Polygon POS (MATIC)


Ethereum (ETH)

Ether (Portal) (considered as official wrapped ETH)

full list: https://github.com/wormhole-foundation/wormhole-token-list/blob/main/content/dest_solana.md

To receive the token from the bridge, you will likely need to add a small amount of SOL to your wallet. If you are using a fresh wallet and are not able to get SOL, ask in our Discord server and I will send you a small amount so you can claim your tokens and transact on-chain.

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