Why Purebet?

What are the benefits of betting with Purebet?
Purebet allows anyone to connect their blockchain wallet and instantly start betting at the highest odds available of any on-chain bookmaker.
We do not limit any user or account - and this isn't just a marketing statement. Since we do not identify users by requesting their passport, it is trivial for a user to make a new wallet and keep betting. No KYC isn't just a marketing statement either - you hold your balance in your wallet at all times so there is not even a withdrawal process. We have designed the system in such a way that we are resilient to profitable (or lucky) bettors. In fact, these are the bettors we like because it means they keep playing and using our service.
We aggregate the odds of a number of on-chain sports betting venues so what we offer is automatically higher odds and deeper liquidity than any single venue. This means users always get the best returns if their bet wins. It also benefits on-chain venues if your odds are attractive, we make sure user volume goes to you, rather than a competitor that the user heard of first. We also believe it will benefit the on-chain sports betting sector as a whole - every venue is encouraged to develop innovative designs and offer tighter spreads in order to get the volume.
Since we have designed the system to be resilient to profitable bettors, we have no desire to take directional risk by betting against users. We automatically place your bet at the venue that offered the liquidity, so the protocols that offer the best odds, still get the volume and fees through their smart contracts. Speaking of fees, all odds that you see on Purebet which come from other venues automatically account for their fees, so what you see is what you get paid out at.
Ultimately, Purebet allows users to have the highest odds, deepest liquidity, and the most profit of any on-chain sports betting protocol.